You can take comfort in our care. We aim to please and we strive to go above and beyond in all of our endeavors. With each transaction, we make buying, selling, and leasing a stress-free process for all parties involved. 

Southern Utah Luxury is a company that specializes in property management, real estate, and vacation rentals. Our business has been assisting not only our clients but our community, since 2015. We pride ourselves on our work ethic. We devote time to providing excellent customer service to guests, outstanding care to properties, knowledgeable representation for owners, and discovering what makes a property top-notch. We believe that home is the greatest place there is and we hope to help you find and sustain yours!


If you are looking to increase your income by investing in nightly rental properties and prefer to work hands-on to ensure the success of your investment, then we are the right company for you!


We are unlike any other company. JNN Property Management is focused on assisting you, the homeowner, rather than collecting our share of your real estate investment. The average property management company charges a 35% fee, using your property for their gain while limiting your income potential and increasing risk. Here at JNN, we work with you by assisting you in running your rental as you see fit. 

We are a home-based business and our goal is to provide you with the best service at the lowest price possible. We can keep our pricing low since our nightly rental division does not need to be under a brokerage and we have found better property management software at a lower price.

We believe in providing Southern Utah with jobs in a great environment where individuals can learn, grow, and excel. Our team is made up of reliable honest employees who work around the clock. We work fast and efficiently.