Southern Utah Luxury Services

Management, real estate, and community assistance

Southern Utah Luxury offers management services for nightly rental properties, long-term rental properties, and monthly rental properties. All management plans are customizable and priced lower than any other management company in the area.

Southern Utah Luxury offers full-service real estate assistance for all transactions. 

Southern Utah Luxury offers community assistance for vacation, resort, and HOA-managed communities. 


Nightly rental Management with all the perks

Priced at 25% – 30%

Calendar management 

Booking management & advertising

Monthly statements & accounting 

Quarterly tax filing 

Market place facilitaition 

Check-out cleaning services 

Monthly deep cleaning

Spot/high traffic carpet cleaning

Washing schedule for comforters, duvets & mattress protectors  

Property maintenance 

Pressure washing for garages, patios & driveways

Monthly window washing

Security assistance 

Paint touch-ups every 6 months 

Bi-monthly pest control 

Water softener care

Tenant 24-hour customer service

Property photography


Nightly rental management personalized

Priced at ​12-15%
Calendar management 

Cleaning services 

Maintenance assistance 

Tenant 24-hour customer service

Security assistance 

Bi-monthly pest control 

Spot/high traffic carpet cleaning 

Pressure washing of garages, patios & driveways 

Paint touch-ups every 6 months 

Washing schedule for comforters, duvets & mattress protectors 

Monthly window washing

Water softener care 

Monthly cleaning under furniture, baseboards, in drawers, windowsills, & leather treatments 


Full-service management for residential properties.

Priced at 10 – 12%

Rent Collection

Resident Portal

Maintenance Assistance 

Tenant 24-Hour Customer Service

Security Assistance

Paint Touch Ups

Tenant Evictions

Tenant Screening

Lease & Regulation Enforcement


Equal Opportunity Housing


Full-service management for residential properties being rented out on a monthly basis.

​Priced at 20 – 25%
Paying bills
Giving monthly statements
Annual owners meeting
Owner & Customer Service Communication
Overseeing cleaning schedules


Custom community assistance for vacation, resort, and HOA managed communities.

Pricing is based on what services are needed.

We provide customizable community and/or HOA packages that include, but are not limited to: 

Common Area Cleaning 

Midday Touch Up Cleaning 

Monitoring of Regulations 

Window Cleaning 

Trash Can Services 

Attending HOA/Community Meetings


Full-service representation on all real estate transactions.

Mass marketing 

Paperwork/contract management 

Top software 

Masterful negotiation 

Utility set-up 

Moving support 

Seller’s up to $3,000 line of credit for home improvements 

Cleaning assistance 


Home repair 


Drone footage 

Perfect listing presentation 

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