JNN is your trusted partner to manage and care for your investment properties.

JNN has been assisting homeowners with their nightly rental real estate investments for over 5 years. 

If you are looking to increase your income by investing in nightly rentals real estate and prefer to work hands on to ensure the success of your investment then we are the right company for you.

We are unlike any other company. JNN Property Management is focused on assisting homeowners rather than banking on their real-estate investment. The average property management company charges 35% using your property for their gain while limiting your income potential and increasing risk.  JNN works with the homeowner, assisting them in running their rental as they see fit. Full service rate is 25% of bookings and Partial for only 15% of rental income.

JNN is locally owned and operated by Natasha Isom. Natasha along with her husband Jason Isom, personally attend to; maintenance, tenant care, cleaning schedule, and work alongside JNN’s trusted team of cleaning specialists. JNN provides personalized care and the focus on each of their properties and giving tenants the stay they deserve.

We know that each property is just as unique as its owner, so we customize our care to meet the owner’s vision and expectations.


  • Residential Cleaning

  • Nightly Rental Management Assistance/Cleaning

  • Trash Container Assistance

  • Community Amenities Services

  • Security Assistance



  •  Calendar Schedule Management

  • Cleaning services

  • Maintenance Assistance - We fix what we can and work with builders/repair technicians to keep home as good as new! This includes, replacing bulbs, batteries, tightening loose furniture & doors, replacing TDS remotes, clogs, & resets for no additional charge.

  • Tenant 24 Hour Customer Service

  • Owner Assistance with Supply Runs and Tenant Postal Returns- $100 line of credit, to be paid off by owners within a month.

  • Security Assistance

  • Bi-monthly Bug Spray-inside and out (Monthly for June, July, August, and September)

  • Dumpster Cleaning Every 3rd Month

  • Spot/High Traffic Carpet Cleaning as needed

  • Pressure was Garage, Patios, and Driveway 

  • Paint Touch Up every 6 months

  • Washing Schedule for Comforters, Duvets and Mattress Protectors

  • Window washing monthly

  • Monthly Cleaning Under Furniture, baseboards, in Drawers, Window Sills, and Leather Treatments

  • Water softener care

  • Monthly Air Freshener  & Filter 


  • Booking and advertising ran by JNN. 

  • Market Place Facilitator overseeing quarterly tax payments

  • Channel Manager

  • Direct booking

  • Monthly Statements & Accounting

  • 100% customer care

  • Photography

  • Responsibilities in the 15% plan



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